World's most compact industrial router.

Designed specifically for the IXplatform.

Configuring a router couldn't be easier

The IXrouter can be configured entirely trough the IXplatform. So no more hassles with connecting your laptop.

No returning costs

With the purchase of an IXrouter, usage of the IXplatform is included. There are no returning costs.

More freedom with 3G integration

The IXrouter is available with an integrated 3G modem. IXON can provide you with the right antenna for any type of situation.


Smart design

Due to its compact design, IXrouter will fit into any switchgear housing. With a height of just 95mm it fits neatly between cable ducts. The status LEDs and Ethernet ports on the front make for a good overview.

The robust power supply connector is conveniently situated on the top front side of the device, making it easy to power on or off. The metal casing makes IXrouter firm. With ease the IXrouter can be attached to a DIN rail.

Remote connection to your devices

Easy & Secure

Advanced configuration options

The IXrouter has all the settings that you would expect from a router. Fixed IP addresses, configurable DHCP server, port forwarding and many other settings are all easily configured via the IXplatform.

Performance for encryption and throughput

The IXrouter is based on Linux and has a network processor with a very strong performance for fast data throughput and powerful encryption.

Safety first

For the IXrouter to communicate with the IXplatform its firmware makes use of proven encryption standards like TLS 1.2. Read more about security…

Firewall keeps your PLC and HMI from harm

PLC’s and HMI’s are designed for controlling machines and are not good at fending off outside attacks. For that reason a robust firewall that can secure your machine is essential. The IXrouter offers a powerful firewall that will separate the network inside your machine from the Internet or corporate network where the machine is located.


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Different views of an IXrouter