IXON Cloud Logging

Access to the data of your machine, from anywhere at any time.

Users can directly track machine performances with IXON’s web-based Cloud Logging add-on. You can easily gain in-depth knowledge into your machines anytime, from anywhere using your smartphone or PC. Cloud Logging supports Siemens STEP7, Modbus, Ethernet/IP and OPC-UA.

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Historical data

Retain data in reports for up to 7 years at no extra cost.

Live data

Display the real-time status of your machine.


Export your data for own storage and analysis in BI tools.

Create your own stunning dashboards

In just three simple steps


Configure your tags

Choose your protocol and define your tags, intervals and retention policies.


Push your settings

Push the newly configured settings to the IXrouter.


Create your dashboard

Drag and drop widgets such as charts, tables and formulas.