Global cloud platform for Industrial IoT.

Improve your machine services globally with IXON's industrial IoT platform.

IXplatform is a powerfull industrial Internet of Things platform, that enables you as a machine builder to provide fast and reliable remote service for your machines. Anywhere, anytime.

ROI from day one

Costly visits by engineers on location are no longer needed, with lower travel-costs and machine downtime as a result.

Security with highest priority

Thanks to advanced encryption and authentication methods our clients can trust to the highest IT safety standards. Read more…

No more firewall stress

No more open ports in your firewall. Access you machine while it's safe behind a firewall.

VPN connection to your machine

Assurance of a reliable VPN connection to your machine. Monitoring, programming and debugging as if you were on-site.

Easy installation and usage

Thanks to our intuïtive configuration, your machine will be online and ready for use within a few minutes.

Reliable platform

The IXplatform consists of a global network of servers, to ensure reliability and minimal latency.

Advanced management tools

The advanced management system allows you to assign permissions to individual users or user groups.

Clear dashboard

All your machines neatly organized and accessible directly from the dashboard or world map.

Custom branding

Customize IXplatform with your own logo and corporate identity, making it recognizable for your employees and customers.

IXplatform runs in the browser

Our platform is completely web-based, so web- and VNC servers in your machine can be accessed remotely on your smartphone of tablet.

IXplatform on range of devices

Personal service

With IXON you choose a partner who likes to think along and who will always be available for unconditional personal support. Contact us.

No returning costs

With a one-time investment you receive the IXrouter together with access to the IXplatform without any returning costs.